Scalextric Ultimate Guide Book Ed9, Volume 8: C2463 Ford GT440 MKII suffix variants…

A new collector might think that there is only one C2463 Ford GT40, the black No.2 car! – but there are three other variations of this car. To differentiate each model, Hornby Hobbies applies a suffix code so that the build specification is specific for the car and its end use. For example it may be a standard solo car, a presentation box or race set car. It may have different livery decoration details and, as is the case with this model, a ‘weathered’ livery finish.
The black, No.2, Le Mans 1966 podium finisher, C2463 Ford GT40 MKII has four different variants and they all have different suffix codes. In this case, the standard C2463, then C2463A, C2463AWD and C2463W. See the full explanation on my facebook page.

Covid – Club now re-opens as Covid recedes

A last! Though the club has been running under requirements to wear face masks, hand sanitisation and temperature checks for the past 6 months following a closure since March 2020, WE ARE NOW FULLY UP AND RUNNING!
We are open from 6:30 every Monday evening. Everyone welcome 🙂
Note the club is now at a new venue approximately one mile from the old venue. See Directions page.

InterClub Challenge 2020

DAVE STEVENSON3441       751st
KEITH FISHENDEN3936       752nd
WAYNE HORN4229       713rd
TONY MILLS3332       654th
MICK WEST3925       645th
PAUL HATCHER2835       636th
ADRIAN NORMAN3032       627th
MIKE RANSLEY3724       618th
NICK O,GORMAN2131       529th
HARRY GORDON2029       4910th
PETER RAMPLING1732       4911th
MIKE SKIPPER3018       4812th
GEORGE PARSONS3216       4813th
DICK STEVENSON2126       4714th
PHILIP SHEARSBY3017       4715th
TREVOR BAILEY2225       4716th
COLIN FROST1432       4617th
MICK BIRD1529       4418th
DAVE HANNINGTON2514       3919th
PAT CHIDGEY38N/S       3820th
ELLOIT O,GORMANN/S36       3621st
ROGER PARTON34N/S       3422nd
BILL WELLSN/S34       3423rd
GARY HOBDENN/S33       3324th
PAUL FROGGETT2012       3225th
RICARD D,CRUZEN/S31       3126th
CHRIS SHIERS31N/S       3127th
GARY SAYERN/S31       3128th
COLIN SPARKN/S27       2729th
TREVOR ALLEN26N/S       2630th
LEWIS ROSS25N/S       2531st
ADE CHILDN/S24       2432nd
PETER WEDLAKE24N/S       2433th
MARTIN RYAN20N/S       2034th
MIKE HOBDENN/S19       1935th
SPARKY TREVOR17N/S       1736th
DAVE PANTINGN/S13       1338th

Margate Scalextric Swap Meet 16/7/17


Venue: Bay Point Sports Club, Ramsgate Road, Sandwich, Kent CT13 9L.
Date: Sunday 16th July 2017
Time 10am to 4pm for the public. (2:30pm for traders)

Tables: 3m @ £25, 1.8m @ £20

Contact: Adrian 07464 992000

* The event celebrates the 60th Anniversary of SCALEXTRIC, is aimed at attracting local people as well as collectors and racers. With a rich history of Scalextric in the area we hope that many ex-Scalextric employees will visit.

* Track layouts for the public to try out.

* Trade and enthusiasts stalls for swapping, selling, buying.

* Club and Magazine stands.

* Advertised on local radio, papers and social media.

* Ample parking, easy loading access and a large sports field with table/bench areas. Access for the disabled.

* Full amenities with all-day breakfast, cooked lunch, coffee, tea, a bar, a restaurant, rest rooms and ‘break-out’ rest areas.

* Film show of the history of Scalextric in cinema room.

* The venue, with easy access via Calais-Dover, is geographically central to Paris, Brussels, Rotterdam, Aachen, Manchester, Swansea, Plymouth and Hull.

* The venue is 15 miles from Dover, 5 miles from the Hornby/Scalextric Visitor Centre and old factory.

Please SHARE & LIKE this information and image in your social media and local communities.

Any questions, please ask.

International Federation of Slot Car Clubs (IFSCC)



The International Federation of Slot Car Clubs (IFSCC) has been created by the NSCC (UK) and the SLN (Dutch) clubs out of a desire to bring together slot car clubs and enthusiasts from across the world.

The International Federation of Slot Car Clubs is an international body that brings slot car clubs together in order to co operate and collectively represent the interests of the member clubs, be they clubs focused primarily on collecting slot cars or on racing slot cars.

The International Federation of Slot Car Clubs exists as an independent organisation in order to represent the member clubs in the spirit of fraternity and as a conduit for information and influence.

The Federation is a partnership that brings a collective voice to the manufacturers on behalf of member clubs. It will promote the hobby across the world acting as a conduit for information between member clubs, manufacturers, dealers and other stakeholders.

What are the goals of the IFSCC?

  • To create an international partnership of slot car clubs that represents the interests of the members clubs when dealing with other stakeholders in the slot car world.
  • To provide a collect voice when dealing with manufacturers, retailers, traders and the local, national and international media on behalf of the member clubs.
  • To work together in order to share information and knowledge on slot cars both amongst member clubs, manufacturers and other stake holders.
  • To act as a conduit for information to member clubs and also as resource for related information both to and from other stake holders.
  • To raise awareness amongst manufacturers and retailers of the needs of members clubs both individually and collectively.
  • To provide a collective voice when advising manufactures on all their products.
  • To provide a collective voice for requesting and negotiating the production of specific products and limited editions from the various slot car manufactures on behalf of member clubs.
  • To promote the hobby as widely as possible particularly with a view to encouraging young people to become involved in slot cars either as collectors or racers.


What will the IFSCC not do?

It will not exist to provide rules or governance for slot car racing nor will it in any way effect the independence of member clubs.

How can Clubs join the IFSCC?

Established slot car clubs will be able to join for the sum of £15 UK pounds or the equivalent sum in euros or other international currency. This will cover administration, web site and other costs.

Membership will be administered on behalf of the IFSCC by the NSCC and the SLN.

Who has the federation been created for?

Membership is available to properly constituted clubs. No individual membership is allowed. Any slot car club would be eligible for membership whether it is primarily focused on collecting slot cars or on racing slot cars.

For further information contact: Martin Baines on 01274 510245/07798 518035

email:  or Thera Brok (SLN)  email: