January at Viking SCC

Photo 13-01-2020, 20 57 47

A new year ushers in a new season of racing at Viking SCC and the opening rounds saw the Slot It Group C cars take to the track. These fantastic cars are high in detail, high in quality and high in visual nostalgia with their iconic design and classic liveries. A gleaming silver Sauber Mercedes C9. A Leyton House Toyota 86c. Lancia LC2’s in Martini colours. Porsche 962’s available in a plethora of iconic liveries. A grand sight for any motorsport fan and great to see hurtling around the club track.

Photo 20-01-2020, 21 28 11 (1)

Cars are run in near stock trim, making the racing very competitive, and the added challenge of the bi-annual track direction change kept most racers and marshalls on their toes (for the first few races at least). Pat, Keith and Wayne all saw success with their various Toyota’s and Nissan’s; but when all was said and done, the end of the month saw Mick W scoring highest.

Photo 20-01-2020, 21 25 41
Photo 20-01-2020, 21 27 07

This month’s Viking Shield races were Muscle Cars; or, as it could be renamed, the Roger Penske Cup, on account of the quantity of Penske liveried Camaro’s that graced the first few starting grids! That said, you really cannot argue with the track prowess of the Scalextric Z28 Camaro, so it is an understandable choice.

Photo 13-01-2020, 22 28 30

Some relief from the sea of Camaro’s came in the form of Ade’s Ford Falcon and Keith’s absolute barge of a Gran Torino. Racing in this category was a lot of fun; but ultimately, the Z28 Camaro’s won the day with close racing from Pat’s #11 Laurel Racing Camaro, Wayne’s #48 H&H racing Camaro and Mick’s #86 Sunaco Camaro, all consistently holding the front of the pack with Mick ultimately finishing on top.

Photo 20-01-2020, 21 36 27

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