Super 25 Class Rallying

Photo 03-02-2020, 20 31 57

The pace of racing showed no signs of letting up throughout February with the first of 2020’s “Super 25” rounds; the class this time being Rally Cars.  The Super 25 class of racing opens up the category from standard, allowing the use of 3D printed chassis, anglewinder configurations, and higher RPM and higher mag downforce motors.  The rally car class seems to really lend itself to some modification and as such, February’s racing creates some of the fastest cars we’ll use at the club throughout the year.

Photo 10-02-2020, 19 47 54

One of the regular weapons of choice was the Scaleauto Subaru Impreza; commonly making up the majority of the grid.  However, Scaleauto/MSC Ford RS200’s and Avant Slot Opel Manta’s were also popular.

Photo 03-02-2020, 20 01 11

Racing was closely contended with only two points separating first and second by the end of the month.  Keith finished top of the table with his combination of Rothmans liveried Opel Manta and Winfield liveried Subaru, with Mick’s Subaru close behind.

Photo 03-02-2020, 20 31 09

February’s Viking Shield support races were provided by the Ninco Renault Megane’s.  These are run completely standard (with only the rear tyres having been changed from stock) and have provided a mainstay class of racing for slot car clubs all over for many years.

Photo 10-02-2020, 14 23 37

Keith and Mick were again the drivers to beat finishing first and second respectively with Wayne taking the final podium spot.  Consistent racing from Chris ensured his fourth place; clear of the closely contested midfield of Adrian N, Trevor and George, who finished the month separated by just four points.

Photo 10-02-2020, 22 25 59

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